Jefferson County AAUW Sponsored “Girls Grow Your STEM Knowledge and Bloom” May 2, 2015

Jefferson County AAUW sponsored a “Girls Bloom STEM”‘ event  on Saturday May 2, 2015.   Over 40 girls (4th, 5th and 6th  graders) and some mom’s participated in four  STEM workshops and lunch at Jefferson Community College.  Four groups of about ten girls each rotated into the four workshops including; “Light up Your Life with Electronics”, “Amazing Colors of Chemistry”,  “Origami Engineering” and “Girls Learning Code”.  The five-hour event was designed  for the girls to have the opportunity to learn more about STEM.  Here are some pictures of the event.

IMG_0001 IMG_0001~1 IMG_0002 IMG_0002~1 IMG_0003 IMG_0003~1 IMG_0004 IMG_0004~1 IMG_0005 IMG_0005~1 IMG_0006 IMG_0006~1 IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0009~1 IMG_0010 IMG_0010~1 IMG_0011 IMG_0011~1 IMG_0012 IMG_0012~1 IMG_0013 IMG_0013~1 IMG_0014 IMG_0014~1 IMG_0015 IMG_0015~1 IMG_0016 IMG_0016~1 IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0024 IMG_0025 IMG_0026 IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0030

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May 2015 newsletter

In our Jefferson County Branch May 2015 newsletter — May-June events listed with deadlines and other important information for members. Plus an application if you want to join our group of amazing women!


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Girls’ Event at JCC – Grow Your Knowledge and Bloom! May 2, 2015

Girls Grow Schedule and FormREV

Deadline has been extended to 27 April.

Girls in grades 4th, 5th, and 6th, are invited to register for a STEM event being held at Jefferson Community College. Grow Your Knowledge and Bloom! Is a day long program that will expose girls to hand’s on activities and fun. Registration is required. $5 per child (includes lunch). A registration form is included in this post.

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Jefferson County AAUW at NY State AAUW Convention April 2015

Jefferson County AAUW members traveled to the NY State AAUW Convention in Byblos Niagara Resort, Grand Island, NY April 17-19, 2015.  The weekend was full of great speakers, wonderful interaction with other NY State AAUW members, very important   information and super fun!!!

IMG_0001-01 IMG_0007~1-01 IMG_0016~1-01 IMG_0017-01 IMG_0020-01 IMG_0025~1-01 IMG_0028~1-01 IMG_0029~1-01 IMG_0031-01   IMG_0032-01 IMG_0038~1-01 IMG_0040~1-01 IMG_0041~1-01 IMG_0042~1-01 IMG_0043-01 IMG_0044-01 IMG_0045~1-01 IMG_0052-01 IMG_0052~1-01  IMG_0054~1-01 IMG_0056~1-01 IMG_0057-01 IMG_0057~1-01 IMG_0058-01 IMG_0061-01 IMG_0063-01 IMG_0063~1-01 IMG_0067~1-01 IMG_0069~1-01 IMG_0072-01 IMG_0072~1-01

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2015 Emerging Leader Announced by NYS AAUW

Congratulations to Dericklyn Parker! She was named an emerging leader for 2015 on April 18th at the NYS AAUW Convention at Grand Island, NY!


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AAUW National Election Ballot Directions

Jefferson County Membership – sometime this week or next, you’ll be mailed your AAUW National Election Ballot from Washington. Please remember to vote!

Resources to assist you in making the best possible decision are found at:

The Spring/Summer Outlook magazine is accessible through the national website. You’ll need your membership number and password to view it.

There is a link on the homepage to the AAUW National Election Resources Guide (background on candidates, issues, etc.).

Mail your ballot to:

AAUW   1111 Sixteenth St. NW
Washington, DC 20036



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Scholarship Application Available – Deadline May 2015

This college scholarship is offered by the Jefferson County Branch of the American Association of University Woman (AAUW), to a female who plans to continue her education. The award will be paid to the recipient during our summer meeting. The amount of the award is $500.00

The scholarship deadline for submission is May 15th 2015.

Application here — AAUW Scholarship Award 2015


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