Branch Dinner Dishes Delectable Treats and Conversation!

The Jefferson County Branch held its annual dinner on Wednesday, June 9th. Branch members, and their guests, dined at Ryan’s Lookout in Henderson. The program included the election of new officers and a presentation by Eileen S. Hartmann, President of New York State AAUW. 

Hartmann applauded the branch for its efforts this past year in promoting the AAUW mission to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.

Her thought provoking presentation focused on the answers to the question, “What attracts you to AAUW?” She reminded branch members that there is unfinished business in areas of pay equity for women and reinforced the idea of empowering young female college graduates to be able to better negotiate their first salary as a new member of the workforce. “Set them on the right foot, right out of college,” said Hartmann.

Eileen Hartmann poses with JeffCo Branch member Margaret Williams at the annual dinner.

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