Jefferson County Branch, “Jam Session”

 There were no instruments to be played at this jam session, but there was some singing…”99 Jars of jam on the wall, 99 jars of jam…”   The Jefferson County Branch kicked off the rhubarb jam season by making over 100 jars of rhubarb jam, strawberry-rhubarb jam, and the ever popular rhubarb-pepper jam this June.

The group worked out of Margaret Williams’ Life Skills classroom at the Bohlen Technical Center in Watertown. The Brach has a long tradition of making jam (and selling it too!). The jars of jam are sold as a fundraiser.  During the jam session, many of the BOCES staff came by to visit and sample the jams, and they were our first customers of the summer.  We sold $95!

You can buy jam at the summer meeting at Underbluff.  You can also call Sharon Wuerschmidt at 315-777-2619 to buy jam.  Just like last year, it’s $5 a jar, and if you buy 4 jars, you get one more free.

Sharon Wuerschmidt & Marie Watkins

Makin' Jam! Peg Pontious and Marie Watkins

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