Excellence in Communication

The winners of the 2011 Special Communications Awards were recently announced and as we were reading through the listings and celebrating the hard work of our sister branches we saw a familiar name…

The Jefferson County Branch is honored to be listed among its peers for excellence in communication. Congratulations to everyone who was recognized for excellence and a pat on the back to our communications committee for their hard work and diligence to create an award winning blog and newsletter.

2011 Special Communications Awards

Special Communication Award: Greater Rochester Branch for their Communications Network to Inform and Remind Members of Events & Programs.

Special Communications Award: Jefferson County Branch for their Work to Transform Communications To and With Members Via Their Blog

Special Communications Award: Elmira-Corning Branch for Their Large Print Newsletter for Members

AAUW-NYS 2011 Newsletter Awards: Award of Distinction: Jefferson County

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2 Responses to Excellence in Communication

  1. Donna Seymour, AAUW-NYS Communications Director says:

    Great job by the Jefferson County Branch; you are leading the way in communications with your work!

  2. aauwjeffco says:

    Thank you Donna! Your support means a lot to us!

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