Registration Deadline Approaching: AAUW-NYS Leadership Conference

 The 2011 AAUW-NYS Leadership Conference will be held July 15-17, returning to the campus of Cazenovia College, in the charming village of Cazenovia, NY.  This year we will be staying in Shove Suites, an air-conditioned dormitory (with elevators!) at the intersection of Sullivan and Seminary Streets. (Campus map available here). Check-in this year will be in the small lobby (Seminary Street side) of that building and there will be some students available to assist with your luggage. Watch for more details as they unfold, but you may register now.

The registration completion deadline is July 1, 2011 – the form should be mailed by June 25. No refunds after July 1, 2010.

A couple of reminders – please come with CASUAL dress – jeans and shorts are fine. This should be a relaxed atmosphere, but with all of us ready to learn and be energized for the coming year. And – important – there is NO SMOKING ON CAMPUS!

The main campus parking is about three blocks away, on Liberty Street. There is also a SMALL parking lot right across Sullivan Street available for us – PLEASE do not use it unless you really need to – let’s save it for our less-abled attendees. The village does not allow overnight parking on the streets.

Please note that the room charge includes the linens – sheets, pillow case, pillow, blanket, bath towel, face towel and washcloth. Soat, cup and ice bucket is provided in each room.

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