Membership Kick Off!

A message from Tiffany S. McLallen-Fadel, Vice President Membership Chair.

I was reading through this blog recently and it was apparent to me that we are doing wonderful things to influence the lives of women and girls in a positive and constructive way! It also started me thinking … whether you are new or a seasoned veteran of our branch – Now is the time to talk about what we are doing with others and encourage them to join us! 

 Here are a few ideas of what makes our organization unique and wonderful:

  • We have something for everyone.
  • The time commitment is what you make of it.
  • You can make new friends.
  • Learn new leadership approaches.
  • The conferences are opportunities for professional growth.
  • We love seeing new faces at our meetings!

Therefore, we are holding a Membership Kickoff Event in Black River from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on July 11th. The purpose is to establish an outreach committee of current membership to create a vision for bringing in new membership!

 Email me or call me for more information on our Kickoff event!  or 315-681-4989.

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