Our branch president wrote an outstanding piece on the women who inspired her most. Who has inspired you in your life? Make your comments!

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3 Responses to Inspiration!

  1. aauwjeffco says:

    I’ll start with a reply!
    1. Mrs. Thieben, my third grade elementary teacher
    2. My mom, and all the women on her side of the family
    3. My paternal grandmother
    4. Any good mom out there that sees potential in a child when others do not!

  2. Doris McLallen says:

    As a young girl I was inspired to read by my Aunt Jayne, whose small but intriguing collection of books was the source of many hours with ‘my nose in a book’ up in her bedroom with the white furniture and the wallpaper with big, red roses!

  3. Maureen Cean says:

    1. My mom, taught me to work to make other people’s lives better.
    2. Margaret Wilson, Teacher, Wiley School
    3. Bonnie Place, one of the kindest people to ever grace the planet

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