Inspirational Essay – by Rachael Chubb

My Inspiration – By Rachael Chubb

                Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” an inspiring quote given by an inspiring woman.   From mothers and fathers to sisters and brothers; from lifelong friends to those who visit only for a short while, inspiration shows itself in various forms.  Some are inspired by the books they read, the stories they are told, and the dreams they hold.  I too have found my inspiration in all of the above however; I have been most inspired by a child: a child who never spoke, but sure said a lot.

                Jazzmin Eva Miles, born January 28, 2011 to my sister-in-law at 24 weeks gestational age, was the surviving twin to premature birth.  I was present right after their birth and was one of the few who were able to say good bye to her twin sister, Eva.  This was the most difficult period of time in my life.  Rushed into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit immediately following her birth, Jazzmin was said to have a slim chance at life.  I stood by Jazzmin’s side while rooting for her and encouraging her to fight so we could take her home. Throughout her short life, she overcame tremendous obstacles, giving everyone hope. Without knowing it, she never gave up. She fought for her life, surviving heart surgery and everything else that her little body endured. Her presence brought relationships together that one would have never dreamed possible. Jazzmin taught me to imagine the possibilities with my life and showed me that if it is imaginable, it is achievable.

At eight weeks of age, the most devastating news was delivered by her doctors: it was determined that her lungs were not progressing and she would not live much longer.  While she had the most wonderful doctors and so much love around her, she could no longer fight so; we had to let her go. Jazzmin Eva Miles was peacefully put to rest while surrounded by her loving family, including myself.

                Jazzmin was a part of my life for eight short weeks however, during that time; she made a tremendous impact on everyone around her.  She never spoke a word yet, she said a lot. This baby, less than two pounds, inspired me to succeed no matter what lies ahead of me.  She gave me strength, determination, and the will to overcome any obstacle that may come my way.  I have a new perspective on life and I am blessed to have had such an amazing little miracle in my life.  For her, I will work to be the most compassionate and caring social worker I can be.  For her, I will help families cope with the challenges they face and the tragedies they endure.  And for her, I will always look forward to a bright future for myself and for my family.

                Inspiration comes in various forms and helps those achieve the dreams they dream of.  My inspiration laid in the tiny palms of an infant who held great power in impacting our world in ways she will never know.  The irony of my story is that Jazzmin was the light in one of the darkest moments of my life.  She really was a big miracle in a little body and I will forever remember her for that.

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