April 17 is Equal Pay Day

Nearly 50 years after passage of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, women continue to earn only 77 cents on the dollar, on average. In this current recession, with women now making up half of the workforce and more and more families relying on a women’s paycheck to make ends meet, ensuring that women are paid fairly is more important than ever.
AAUW’s Behind the Pay Gap research shows that just one year out of college, a woman working full time already earn less than her male colleague, even when they work in the same field. Ten years out, the wage gap is even larger. 
A 2009 U.S. Census Bureau report has found that in every field, at every level of education, women earn less than men. This is the case even in professions typically dominated by women, such as education and the liberal arts. Furthermore, as men and women achieve higher levels of education, the pay gap widens.
On Tuesday, members from several Branches of AAUW-NYS will be in Albany to advocate for Equal Pay legislation. Each year, the NYS Assembly passes a raft of Pay Equity bills. And each year, the NYS Senate does not. That lack of attention matters to all women in New York State.
On Pay Equity Day – April 17 – contact your Assembly member and state Senator and ask them to co-sponsor Pay Equity legislation and get it to the floor for action! You can call or e-mail their Albany office, or better yet – make an appointment to see them in their district home office. You can find contact information at http://www.ny.gov/.
You can learn more by going to the AAUW-NYS Face book page: http://www.facebook.com/AAUW.NYS or the state website: http://www.aauw-nys.org/.


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