Jefferson County AAUW at NY State AAUW Convention April 2015

Jefferson County AAUW members traveled to the NY State AAUW Convention in Byblos Niagara Resort, Grand Island, NY April 17-19, 2015.  The weekend was full of great speakers, wonderful interaction with other NY State AAUW members, very important   information and super fun!!!

IMG_0001-01 IMG_0007~1-01 IMG_0016~1-01 IMG_0017-01 IMG_0020-01 IMG_0025~1-01 IMG_0028~1-01 IMG_0029~1-01 IMG_0031-01   IMG_0032-01 IMG_0038~1-01 IMG_0040~1-01 IMG_0041~1-01 IMG_0042~1-01 IMG_0043-01 IMG_0044-01 IMG_0045~1-01 IMG_0052-01 IMG_0052~1-01  IMG_0054~1-01 IMG_0056~1-01 IMG_0057-01 IMG_0057~1-01 IMG_0058-01 IMG_0061-01 IMG_0063-01 IMG_0063~1-01 IMG_0067~1-01 IMG_0069~1-01 IMG_0072-01 IMG_0072~1-01

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